2015-2016 Qatar University Fellow

Reem Al-Ansari

Reem Al-Ansari is a Professor at Qatar University’s College of Law and the 2015-2016 CIRS Qatar University Fellow. She received her LLM from the University of Michigan Law School–Ann Arbor, and earned her Doctorate degree from Georgetown University’s Law Center in Washington DC, marking her as the youngest Qatari lawyer and doctorate degree holder in the state.


In addition to lecturing, Al-Ansari is the Director of the Legal Research and Studies division at the ROLACC Role of Law and Anti-Corruption Center in Doha, Qatar. Previously, she worked at the World Bank headquarters in the (GAC) Governance and Anti-corruption unit, and is the recipient of two EED awards for education excellence. She is currently working on a book tackling the issue of money laundering and corruption, and tweets under @ReemaAlAnsari.