2012-2013 Visiting Scholars

Manochehr Dorraj, Texas Christian University

Manochehr Dorraj

Manochehr Dorraj is a Professor of Political Science at Texas Christian University and teaches courses in International and Comparative politics. He has published extensively on the politics and culture of the Middle East and North Africa and the regional foreign policies. Translations of his work have appeared in Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, and Persian languages. He has been an invited speaker to Universities throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Dr. Dorraj has also granted numerous interviews on Middle Eastern affairs and their global impact to international, national, and local media, among them, Associated Press (AP), United Press International (UPI), Agence France Press (AFP), The New York Times, the Economist, Huffington Post, the National Public radio (NPR), the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), ABC, CBS and NBC Televisions.

Mansoor Moaddel, Eastern Michigan University

Mansoor Moaddel

Mansoor Moaddel is Professor of Sociology at Eastern Michigan University. He studies culture, ideology, political conflict, revolution, and social change, and currently focuses on the causes and consequences of values and attitudes of the Middle Eastern and Islamic publics. He has carried out values surveys in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia. He has also carried out youth surveys in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. His previous research project analyzed the determinants of ideological production in the Islamic world. He teaches sociology of religion, ideology, revolution, Islam and the Middle East. He also teaches statistics and research methods.