2012-2013 Qatar University Fellow

Maha Al-Hendawi

Maha Al-Hendawi is an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the College of Education at Qatar ‎University, She received her Ph.D. in Special Education and Disability Leadership from Virginia ‎Commonwealth University, Richmond. She received the Holmes Scholarship from the Virginia ‎Commonwealth University. Her research interests include educational policies and reform initiatives in ‎the region; academic interventions for children with special needs and children at-risk; and quality ‎preparation and training programs for educators. Dr. Al-Hendawi has been the principal investigator of ‎several research grants that promote special education and service for students with disabilities in ‎Qatar and has published in the area of special education. She graduated with a BA in Education from ‎Qatar University, and a Master’s degree from the University of San Francisco, California. Dr. Al-‎Hendawi has been active in community service activities; she has provided workshops and training for ‎public and private entities in the country, and has been a guest speaker in various events and ‎activities.