Request for Proposals

** Note: The grant cycle for this project is now closed.

Grant Description ‎ ‎

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) at the Georgetown University School ‎of Foreign Service in Qatar invites proposals from scholars and researchers interested in ‎conducting original research on the topic of “The State and Innovation in the Persian Gulf.”‎

CIRS will award research grants to support fieldwork, original empirical research, and analysis on ‎this topic. Click here to view background information.‎

Grant Objective ‎

CIRS seeks to stimulate the collection of reliable data and the production of sound analysis on ‎the subject of The State and Innovation in the Persian Gulf. Priority will be given to projects that ‎propose original, empirically-grounded research involving fieldwork on related topics. Award ‎recipients are expected to become active participants in the CIRS research initiative on the issue. ‎This may include travel to Doha for working group meetings, public talks, or authorship of a ‎chapter for an edited volume.

Duration of Award

The awards can last up to a maximum of one year.‎ 

Funds Available

Proposals will be awarded up to a maximum of US $10,000, based on the proposed nature of the ‎research and the budget submitted.

Submission of Proposals ‎

Please send proposals via email. Completed proposal packets must be ‎submitted by February 15, 2013. Proposals submitted after that date will not be considered.‎

Proposal Details

‎Proposal packets must include the following items:‎

  • Abstract ‎
  • Complete Project Description
  • Detailed Budget and Narrative Budget Justification
  • Project Timeline
  • Two Sample Publications
  • Curriculum Vitae of Principal Investigator and other Co-Investigators


The proposal abstract must be a maximum of 250 words. The abstract must include project ‎context (the original thesis of the project, its significance, contribution to existing knowledge in ‎Middle Eastern countries, what the proposed project contributes to current literature on the ‎topic), project description, methodology, and objectives.

Complete Project Description

The complete project description must be a maximum of 10 pages, double-spaced, in font no ‎smaller than 11 point. The project description should elaborate on the overall purpose of the ‎research, the specific questions the research proposes to answer, the research methodology to be ‎employed, anticipated project benefits and outcomes, and the schedule of the proposed research.‎ CIRS is unlikely to fund research that does not propose original, empirically grounded research ‎involving fieldwork.

Detailed Budget and Narrative Budget Justification

The submitted proposal should contain a detailed budget and narrative budget justification of ‎anticipated expenses involved in the research. Typical items in the budget include, but are not ‎limited to, travel, per diem, printing and production, and supplies and materials. CIRS will not ‎fund indirect costs. Click here to view Sample Budget and Sample Budget Justification.‎

Project Timeline

A timeline for the intended research undertaking must be included, with a calendar breakdown ‎of specific milestones.‎

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions.‎

Human Subjects

For proposals involving human subjects research, certification of the Principal Investigator (PI) in ‎Human Subjects Research Training, if available, should be included as part of the proposal ‎submission. If awarded, the Principal Investigator must submit proof of Institutional Review ‎Board (IRB) approval. If the PI has not completed human subjects training at the time of ‎proposal submission, he or she must provide written verification of completion of Collaborative ‎Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training to the Georgetown University School of Foreign ‎Service in Qatar prior to the issuance of a grant.‎