Frequently Asked Questions

** Note: The grant cycle for this project is now closed. 

1. ‎Submission Policies & Procedures

  • How should the proposal be submitted?‎

The proposal for “The State and Innovation in the Persian Gulf” grant should be submitted in electronic format to the Center for ‎International and Regional Studies (CIRS) via email. ‎ 

  • ‎ What is the CIRS policy on late submissions?‎

Proposal submissions are due on February 15, 2013. Submissions received after ‎this date will not be considered. ‎ 

2. ‎Duration & Funding 

  • What is the maximum period for which funding is available under this grant? ‎

The total project period may not exceed more than 1 year.‎Given that the nature and scope of the proposed research will vary from ‎application to application, it is anticipated that the duration of each award will ‎also vary. Applicants are invited to submit proposals within a period of ‎performance that does not exceed one year. ‎ 

  • What is the maximum amount of funding available?‎

Awards can range up to US $10,000. ‎ 

  • Are grant recipients automatically eligible for a second round of funding?‎

This is a one year grant cycle. There will not be a second year of funding. ‎ 

  • Will funds be released to the recipients at predetermined stages set by CIRS, or will they be ‎received as per the recipient’s needs?‎

Georgetown University will reimburse the grant recipient directly for funds ‎expended while conducting research, but those expenditures should remain in ‎keeping with the approved budget and justification. The recovery of such out-of-‎pocket expenditures is achieved through the submission of a properly completed, ‎approved and supported expense reimbursement form. It is critical that original ‎receipts accompany the expense reimbursement form. ‎Expenditures must be reasonable and appropriate and support the research ‎project. Keep in mind that these expenditures draw on funds administered by ‎CIRS and Georgetown University, and are subject to related University policy ‎and procedure, sponsor terms and conditions, and legislative compliance. Upon ‎award, the grant recipient will be instructed further on purchasing and ‎reimbursement to conduct the research. ‎ 

  • If the funds allocated are not utilized during the period specified in the proposal, can they ‎be carried over into the next year?‎

Funds should be utilized according to the given project timeline. Extensions may ‎be considered on a case-by-case basis.‎ 

3. Location

  • Do grant recipients have to be based in the Persian Gulf for the duration of the award?‎

Grants will be awarded on the merit of original, empirically-based research ‎undertaken in one or more of the countries of the Persian Gulf. Grant recipients ‎must spend a portion of their time in one or more of the countries in the region ‎conducting primary research. Recipients are not required to remain in the region beyond the time of their data ‎collection for the purpose of analysis and documentation. ‎ ‎

  • What is the minimum time period that recipients are expected to be based in the Persian ‎Gulf?‎

The time that a grant recipient must spend in the region will depend on the scope ‎and nature of their research undertaking and their commitments as stated in their ‎proposed work schedule.‎ 

4. Budgeting

  • Are there specific Categories of Expenses that should be followed when preparing the ‎budget? (Personnel, Equipment, Travel, Supplies).‎

Yes. Please see the Sample Budget and Sample Budget ‎Justification.‎ 

  • What currency should be used for populating the budget template and budget justification?‎

USD ($).‎ 

  • Can the budget include indirect costs or is it strictly limited to direct costs?‎

No indirect costs will be covered under this grant.‎ 

  • Can the cost of equipment (computers, digital voice-recording devices, etc.) and other ‎electronic hardware tools be covered under the grant?‎

Equipment having a value per item less than $1,000 will be accepted in the ‎proposed budgets. Items of equipment that are valued at greater than $1,000 will ‎not be accepted. The equipment requested must be justified by explaining how it ‎is necessary to the stipulated scholarly research outcomes. ‎Supplies (books, stationary, printer cartridges, etc.) should be listed as a ‎separate budget heading from Equipment for purposes of clarity.‎ 

  • Can the funding cover in lieu of salaries?‎

Yes, conditionally: If, for example, an applicant is from a think tank or academic ‎institution which pays 100% of the applicant’s salary, then the applicant should ‎identify the proposed effort to be spent on the project and total payment that ‎equates to the proposed effort.‎ 

  • Is there a sample budget that applicants can review prior to submitting their proposal?‎

Yes, please click here. ‎ 

5. Reporting

  • Are the grant recipients required to submit progress reports to CIRS during the course ‎of their research at regular intervals, and if so at which stages of the grant period are the ‎reports due?‎

Yes, a progress report must be submitted to CIRS at the half-way mark of the ‎research undertaking and at the conclusion of the project. Grant recipients will be ‎provided with a template for the progress reports. Additional reporting of both a ‎qualitative and financial nature may be required. ‎ 

  • Is there a post-award report due, and if so how long after completion of the grant period?‎

A Summary Report must be provided no later than 45 days after the completion ‎of the research grant period. Grant recipients will be given guidelines on what the ‎expectations are for the Summary Report. ‎ 

6. IRB and Human Subjects

Research involving human subjects may only be conducted with approval from the ‎Institutional Review Board (IRB) or equivalent. The Institutional Review Board has the ‎responsibility of reviewing proposed research projects to ensure that the privacy and ‎welfare of the research participants are adequately protected. Such research shall be ‎conducted in accordance with the submitting institution’s established policies and ‎procedures related to human subjects research, consistent with internationally recognized ‎and/or the Qatar National Health Authority standards and applicable law. Approved ‎grant awardees will be required to seek IRB approval through their home institution prior ‎to the release of funds. CIRS reserves the right to review submitting institution policies ‎and procedures prior to the approval of human subject research. ‎ 

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