Here you can find resources and discussion guides to extend your engagement with the films and bring them into your classroom or community.

This film series is the product of how the history we live in converged with the history we teach. For Trsih Kahle, that was lived experience. In spring 2015, Trish spent a week in Baltimore, supporting demonstrations and interviewing residents and protesters after Freddie Gray, Jr., a young Black man, was murdered by Baltimore police. At the time, it was the second major Black uprising against police murder within a year. That fall, she entered a college classroom as an instructor for the first time. She was the teaching assistant for University of Chicago historian Julie Saville’s course which examined colonization and slavery, survival and resistance in the Atlantic World. In fact, it was Julie Saville who introduced her to the first film in our series, La Última Cena. In that spirit, she have chosen to combine these films with scholarly commentary and tools for community engagement.

In the first of these resource guides, Trish will offer links to key resources that have aided in the design of our program and its core questions. These resources range from scholarly books to public commentary to music videos. Many she uses in her own classroom.