CURA Paper Series

The CURA Paper Series is designed to showcase the original research of GU-Q undergraduate students. All GU-Q students have the opportunity to submit a fully developed paper for consideration.

Students whose papers are accepted will have the opportunity to gain professional experience in the review and publishing processes. CIRS editorial staff will mentor those students to improve their writing and editing capacities, with a goal of bringing high-quality research to publication.

Published papers will be accessible, for free, in print and electronic formats. They will be distributed via CIRS promotional and distribution channels, and on online academic platforms and search databases, making them widely circulated for potential citation impact.

Submissions Guidelines

Who can publish a CURA paper?

CIRS accepts papers written by GU-Q students. Seniors may submit a paper for consideration up to the summer following their graduation.

How many papers can I submit?

One final paper per student per semester can be submitted. No drafts will be accepted.

How many CURA papers will be published per semester?

This is a competitive process each semester. Papers selected will be published only if the quality of the submissions meets CIRS standards. Please be selective about the paper you decide to submit.

How will you decide on which paper gets published?

All papers are subject to a professional review process, and will be selected for publication by the CIRS editorial board based on the overall strength of the paper.

Once a paper has been accepted, what is involved?

CIRS editorial staff will mentor the student in developing the paper until it is ready to be published. Please note: this is a dynamic process that will likely involve some additional research, writing, and refinement.

When can papers be submitted?

Papers are accepted throughout the year.

Which topics are published under CURA?

CIRS publishes original research on topics broadly encompassing all GU-Q majors.

When will I hear back about my paper submission?

Although we will make every effort to respond to students about the status of their papers within 4-8 weeks, please note that the review process can often take longer depending on the number of submissions received. We ask for your patience as we review all the submissions.

What kinds of papers can be submitted?

Original research papers, class papers, and abridged certificate and honors theses will be accepted for consideration.

Application Process

Paper Format:

  • Papers should be around 5,000 words.
  • Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition), “notes and bibliography” system.
  • Double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, Microsoft Word format.
  • Arabic transliterations adhere to the International Journal of Middle East Studies.
  • Papers cannot have been previously published.
  • Any copyright concerns are the full responsibility of the author. By submitting work to CIRS, the author agrees to the CIRS Copyright Agreement.

You must be logged into your GU email account before you fill in the Application Form, which requires:

  • Author information
  • Paper abstract
  • Keywords
  • Paper submission

For any additional questions, please write to