Working Group Meetings

Geopolitics & Natural Resources

As an ongoing part of its research initiatives program, CIRS organizes several working groups that convene in Doha to examine a variety of issues pertinent to the Gulf region and of international significance. The primary purpose of these projects is to fill in existing research gaps and to contribute toward furthering knowledge on prevailing issues related to the security, economic stability, and politics of the Gulf region. Each CIRS research initiative involves prominent scholars, practitioners, and policymakers from the Middle East, the Gulf region, and beyond. Each participant contributes to the project by attending a CIRS working group meeting and submitting papers written on a specific topic related to the project. In conjunction with its working group meetings, CIRS funds empirically-based, original research projects in order to address existing gaps in the literature. Under these broader initiatives, CIRS awards grants and creates a scholarly forum for studying a variety of issues related to the Middle East. Through regular CIRS-sponsored research meetings, the grant recipients are able to share their research findings with other academics, policymakers, and practitioners.