CIRS Faculty Publication Series

As part of its efforts to facilitate scholarly endeavors by Georgetown faculty and encourage the publication of original works of scholarship, CIRS is pleased to announce its Faculty Publication Series.  Details of the Faculty Publication Series are as follows:

  • The series is open to all Georgetown faculty based in Doha and in Washington, DC, writing in any area of the social sciences and the humanities regardless of the specific focus of the publication or the topic;
  • CIRS will provide funding, as per university policy guidelines, for an undergraduate Student Research Assistant for up to one full academic year in support of the faculty’s research on the book;
  • After initial consultations with CIRS Director and/or Research Director, CIRS will facilitate initial communications between interested faculty members and one of the university presses with which CIRS works in order to gauge the publisher’s initial interest in the project and to solicit preliminary advice from the acquisition editor on the overall nature and direction of the project;
  • In consultation with the faculty author, CIRS will devise a timeline for work on and progress of the book;
  • When the book manuscript is ready for preliminary review, CIRS will host a book workshop where subject-matter experts will critique the draft manuscript and provide feedback to the author. The workshop will be based on the framework and within the budgetary guidelines used for CIRS’s Faculty Research Workshop, through which regionally-based scholars will be invited to the workshop meeting. The workshop will be held in Doha for GU-Q faculty authors and in Washington, DC, for authors based on the main campus; 
  • Once the manuscript has been revised and is near completion, CIRS will assist the author in the drafting of the book proposal for the publisher and the initial necessary communications between the author and the publisher;
  • Once the completed, workshopped manuscript has been submitted to the publisher and a publishing agreement has been secured, CIRS will enter into a separate subvention agreement with the publisher for purposes of the book’s promotion in appropriate scholarly venues;
  • When published, CIRS will sponsor a book launch and will promote the book through appropriate media and advertising outlets;
  • Please note that this initiative is in addition to, not instead of, the on-going CIRS Faculty Research Workshop.

If interested, please contact the Associate Director for Research Zahra Babar (