The Political Economy of the Gulf

Political Economy

To cite this publication: “The Political Economy of the Gulf,” CIRS Summary Report no. 3 (Doha, Qatar: Center for International and Regional Studies, 2011).

The Political Economy of the Gulf Summary Report details research conducted at the CIRS “Political Economy of the Gulf” working group meetings held in Doha over the course of two years. The project was launched in 2009. As with other CIRS research initiatives, after a thorough review of existing literature on the topic, certain gaps were identified meriting further original research and scholarship. Select scholars were invited to participate in a working group for focused discussions on a range of sub-topics. During these meetings the participants contributed their expertise, and began working on papers in their specialty areas. The ultimate product of this research project is an edited book on The Political Economy of the Persian Gulf (Oxford University Press/Hurst, 2011). The working group meetings held in Doha, Qatar, meant that authors were able to work closely together in order for the individual chapters to cross-reference each other for better coherence and intellectual synergy of the volume. Each study is an in-depth work of scholarship that is original, analytical, and makes a significant contribution to the field.

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