Environmental Politics in the Middle East

environmental politics

To cite this publication: “Environmental Politics in the Middle East,” CIRS Summary Report no. 24 (Doha, Qatar: Center for International and Regional Studies, 2018).

This report provides a summary of the “Environmental Politics in the Middle East” research initiative, which explores the geopolitics of natural resources in the Middle East in an attempt to expand the focus to include the region’s many natural resources other than natural gas, such as land, air, water, and food. Some of the issues under investigation include a focus on water scarcity, which is a global issue but one that is particularly acute in the Middle East; its impacts are examined through a case study on Yemen. Food security is studied in the case of Syria, which before the civil war began, in 2011, was one of the region’s notable food exporters. Aside from acute food shortages within Syria, the conflict has had ripple effects on the region and has led to rising food prices in neighboring states, such as Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq.

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