Mehran Kamrava Speaks at Doha Bank’s Knowledge Sharing Session

Mehran Kamrava Speaks at Doha Bank's Knowledge Sharing Session

Doha Bank hosted a knowledge sharing session on ‘Changing International Dynamics on Foreign Policies and Allied Opportunities’ on January 29 at Doha Bank Tower Auditorium.

The Chief Guest for the event was Ranjan Mathai, former Indian Foreign Secretary and Indian High Commissioner to the UK. Dr Mehran Kamrava, Director of the Center for International and Regional Studies Georgetown University was also another speaker at the event. The event was attended by various diplomats and senior staff from major corporate in Qatar.

Speaking at the event, Dr R Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank gave insight on the current global scenario. “Today, there are 2.5 billion internet users. The digital economy is “the single most important driver of innovation, competitiveness and growth”. We need to give people the tools to help them thrive in the digital economy. We’re entering a new stage of international global relations where national policies could shape how globalization eventually develops.”

Ranjan Mathai gave insight on current global scenario and the changing diplomatic dynamics. He stated that the theme chosen for the evening was the right one in the light of the transformational changes that emerged in 2016. He described how the changing diplomatic interplay between the major powers of the world could lead to a new world order.

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