FIFA World Cup Series, Panels, Regional Studies

Who Belongs to a Country? National Representation and Identity at the FIFA World Cup 2022

Panelists: Zahra BabarGijs van CampenhoutRoss GriffinEdward J. Kolla, and Peter Sprio

Moderator: Danyel Reiche

The panel discussion explored critical issues such as the recruitment and naturalisation of top foreign athletes, a practice that is making national dreams come true, but also stirring public debate around sports and national identity. Centering on Qatar’s role in shaping the global conversation around sports and society, the webinar covered a range of topics, including the reasons athletes switch nationalities and the citizenship requirements set forth by international sporting federations such as FIFA. The panelists also explored conceptions of ethnicity and civic nationalism, and the future of citizenship and residency laws in a globalised world.