Panels, Race & Society

UNDP Human Development Report 2021/2022


This panel is the country launch for the 2021-2022 UNDP Human Development Report. The report authors will discuss how to understand and navigate today’s uncertainty complex as explored in the report – driven by the Anthropocene, by purposeful societal transformation, and by intensifying polarization. Distinguished panelists will reflect on the report’s implications for Qatar, the broader region, and the world.

Opening Remarks: H.E. Dr. Saleh bin Mohammad Al Nabit (Planning and Statistics Authority)

Panelists: GUQ Dean Dr. Safwan Masri, Pedro Conceição (UNDP), Sheikha Hanouf Abdulrahman N. J. Al-Thani (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Dr. Mohamed Eskandar Shah (HBKU)

Moderators: Biplove Chaudhary (UNDP) and Zahra Babar (GUQ)

Location: CIRS Conference Room, Georgetown University in Qatar (Ground Floor)