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Persisting Biases: Findings from the UNDP 2023 Gender Social Norm Index


The index, which was first introduced in 2020, covers 85 percent of the global population and captures data up to 2022. It provides information on the evolution of social norms over a 10-year period. The 2023 GSNI sheds light on the persistent presence of biased gender social norms across the world. The index reveals around 87% of women and 90% of men harbour biases against women across key dimensions: politics, education, economics, and physical integrity. The 2023 GSNI highlights a number of important findings showing 10 years of stagnation in gender biases and notes that gender social norms could be tackled by education and awareness raising, and through representation and recognition, among others.

The GSNI report and media release is available at

Moderator: Biplove Choudhary (Technical Representative & Head of Office, UNDP)

Speakers: Pedro Conceição (Director of the Human Development Report Office, UNDP), Raquel Lagunas (Head of Gender Equality, UNDP), and Nadya Sbaiti (Georgetown University in Qatar).

Location: Faculty Conference Room (1D02), Georgetown University in Qatar.