Everyday Energy

This podcast series is part of the Energy Humanities research initiative, which aims to generate new scholarly conversations on everyday lived experiences of energy. Together with our guests, we will explore new ways of thinking about how we understand ordinary people’s encounters with energy in various social, cultural, and political-economic forms.

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An aerial map of Doha from 1952 with an outline of the Al-Kahraba Street: Photo taken by Anto Mohsin
at Msheireb Enrichment Center on April 23, 2016


Reading for Oil

Vicky Googasian speaks with Elizabeth Barrios, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American & Latino/a Studies at Albion College about Venezuelan oil literature, what fiction has to say about everyday energetic life, and why oil industry propaganda is fun.

Electricity and Everyday Life in Doha

Firat Oruc speaks with Anto Mohsin, professor of science and technology studies at Northwestern University in Qatar, on electrical energy in everyday urban life in Doha and its intersections with the history, cultural memory, development, and future of the city.

How Everyday People Electrified Mexico City

Trish Kahle speaks with Diana Montaño, Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, to discuss how a varied group of Mexicans made sense of a new technology. We also discuss sources and methods for conducting historical research at the level of everyday life.

Ways of Seeing: Tracing Lived Energy in Archive, Film, and Fiction

Trish Kahle, Vicky Googasian, & Firat Oruc revisit a primary source they use in their own scholarly work in the historical archive, fiction, and film through the lens of the lived experience of energy and showcase how different disciplines interact sources.