Energy Aesthetics: Representing Lived Experiences of Oil

This new podcast cluster is part of the Energy Humanities research initiative. In these discussions and short interviews with experts, we explore the broader theme of energy aesthetics and representation of lived experiences of oil.

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Ogoni Wealth of Nation – Photo from Wealth of Nations installation by Victor Ehikhamenor


The Cultural Lives of Oil 

Vicky Googasian speaks with Santiago Acosta, a Postdoctoral Fellow at SUNY-Old Westbury about Venezuelan oil literature, about his work on a book project entitled We Are Like Oil: An Ecology of the Venezuelan Culture Boom, 1973-1983.

Oil, State, and Violence in Visual Art

Trish Kahle speaks with Victor Ehikhamenor, a Nigerian artist, photographer, and writer, about his installation The Wealth of Nations, and the practice and politics of representing oil and nation in Nigeria.